What You Just Might Need to Hear

Little Feet copySometimes motherhood is lonely and frustrating and overwhelming. We are often left alone with our kiddos and our thoughts. We dwell on our mistakes, let worry and fear settle in, and compare ourselves to others. Sometimes, we just need someone to break into our bubble and be the voice of reason.

And that’s what I’m here for. So, listen up mama, because you just might need to hear this.

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From Mother to Son

from mother to sonDear son,
We are connected, you know? When you were born, God connected my heart to yours. He created an inseparable bond, and there’s nothin’ you can do about it.

We’re in this together, you and me.

You are my boy and I delight in you. I love you with a love you can’t imagine. And one day, God-willing, you will have children of your own, and you’ll get it. You’ll understand the pride I feel just looking at you, the indescribable joy you fill my days with, and the blackout rage I’ll feel towards any girl who doesn’t see how crazy amazing you are.

I won’t always get it right, though. Despite our special bond, God created us differently. I’m a girl and you’re a boy. We see life through different lenses, and that’s the way God intended it to be. Throughout this life, we will learn so much from one another. And in the meantime, I want to take advantage of our different perspectives and give you some advice, from mother to son

  1. Your mother is always right. Unless…. Nope. Always right.
  1. There isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t love a man who sends her flowers just because, stops on his way home to pick up her favorite treat, or tells her she looks beautiful when she feels it least. Then again, there might be some girls who don’t like those things. There may even be a few who claim to somehow be offended by those things. If you find one of those girls, RUN!
  1. It’s ok to like chick flicks and dancing, and it’s ok to like guns and sports and big trucks. Don’t let anyone tell you that something you like makes you more or less of a man.
  1. Girls love guys with guitars, but I don’t have an ounce of musical talent in my body, so don’t look at me on this one.
  1. “You do you.” Everybody’s saying it these days, and what they mean is, do whatever feels good, whatever feels right. But what I mean is, do whatever is good, whatever is right, even if it’s not what’s popular, even if something else might temporarily make you feel better, and even if you are persecuted for it. Have questions on how to figure out what that is? See: The Bible.
  1. On that same train of thought, people will also tell you to “listen to your heart” when it comes to tough decisions in life. But, that’s bologna. The heart is deceiving. Listen to your head. And if your head seems foggy? See: The Bible
  1. Find a girl who loves chocolate and cheeseburgers. No reason, really. I just like those kinds of girls.
  1. Start saving money early and never live with debt.
  1. You always hold the door for a lady, whether she’s six, sixteen, or sixty.
  1. There are a lot of “heroes” in this world to look up to and try to be like, but only one who has risen from the dead and single-handedly saved the entire world. Choose Jesus.
  1. Don’t ever stop picking flowers for your girl (especially as long as that girl is me).
  1. If you want to take a girl out on a date, just ask her. To her face. You can do it. And when she says yes? You pay for it. 
  1. When someone is talking to you, stop what you’re doing, look them in the eye, and listen. Whether it’s a friend, a friend’s parent, a teacher, a girl, or the cashier at Target – really listen.
  1. Be kind to everyone. Everyone has a story. Don’t assume your judgments of people are right. Kindness is always the best choice.
  1. At no point in your life are you ever allowed to stop giving your mother hugs.
  1. Nothing is free. Nothing. You don’t deserve success, that promotion, money, to win, or even trust. You have to earn all of those things. The only thing you don’t have to earn in this lifetime is forgiveness, but only because it was already earned for you at the highest of prices. Don’t ever, ever take that gift for granted.
  1. Don’t forget to call your mama on her birthday. And mother’s day. And at least 5 times a week every week for your entire life.
  1. You’re not going to be great at everything. Sometimes you’ll lose. That’s ok. It will only make you work that much harder the next time.
  1. Learn to cook at least one meal really well.
  1. Want to know the secret to success? Hard work with no shortcuts. Continually. And then some more. Being a hard worker is one of the most admirable and attractive qualities a man can possess, and it will take you far.
  1. Drop the remote or the controller or the mobile device and go outside. Just do it.
  1. People get offended by everything these days. But “being offended” is nothing more than a purposeless whine. Be someone who stands up and fights for what you believe in instead of someone who wastes their time complaining about those who do.
  1. When you think no one is watching, still do what’s right. It’s called integrity. (And, spoiler alert, God is always watching.)
  1. Life is short, and none of us are getting out alive. Skip that meeting to go to the ball game. Buy that plane ticket. Eat that third piece of pizza.
  1. One day, I’ll be waiting for you at Heaven’s gates. Be there.


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