Theodora’s First Birthday

Theodora's First Birthday

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Theodora’s first birthday was a few weeks ago, and of course, I did the obligatory first-time-mom-who-spends-way-too-much-time-preparing-for-the-party thing. I like to call the theme, “Is it Spring yet? Because I Dressed My Child Like it Was.” Or something like that… It was really just a mix of black, white, and pink with a few hints of gold thrown in here and there, just to keep you on your toes. And let’s face it, this post is just an excuse to post photos… Continue Reading…

Birthday Smash Cake Recipe + Free Birthday Cake Banner Printables

Smash Cake - The Resplendent

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One of the most fun parts about preparing for T’s first birthday party was making her semi-healthy smash cake. These days, it seems like the cake is not only an important piece of decor for a first birthday party, but also the main source of entertainment.  And since I decided to make it myself, I thought I might as well challenge myself to make it semi-healthy. Because even though T has had her fair share of sweets, I figured that between skipping her nap for the party… Continue Reading…

The Introvert’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Introvert's Guide to Breastfeeding - The Resplendent

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Why is it that as an introvert, I always manage to experience the most awkward and uncomfortable situations possible? I know that a lot of it is probably just in my head, but I swear that my fear of interacting with new people and socializing in large groups inevitably leads me into situations that only further engrains my loner tendencies. And let me tell you, adding the feeding of my child via a formerly private body part has not helped my situation.  Don’t… Continue Reading…

Shop Showcase: Maidservant of Encouragement

MofE Print - I Have Found The One

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Ever since getting married, people always seem to be bringing up the 5 love languages. You’ve heard of them, right? Well, the problem is, I have the hardest time pinpointing what mine is. I swear it changes by the day.  So, do you know what I say? Forget quality time or acts of service, because today, my love language is hand-lettering. There is seriously nothing I love more. Ok, maybe a few things… But, there is just something about that beautiful hand-written script that… Continue Reading…

Our Torticollis Journey

Infant Torticollis - The Resplendent

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After almost a year, I am finally sharing our journey with Teddy’s torticollis. I am sharing because, as we’ve travelled on this journey, I’ve had such a hard time finding others who can relate with Theodora’s story. Between the endless googling, the forums, the Facebook groups, and the doctor appointments, I could never seem to find someone who could give me reassurance. Sure, there were plenty of people in the trenches like us, but I desperately wished someone could just… Continue Reading…


Fur Cowl

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 Today on the news, I heard the weatherman say that this month is going to make it into the top 10 coldest Februarys of all time. Why should you care, you ask? Because, every Minnesotan knows that this is the month where our affection for our beloved state fades, and our news feeds are taken over by a population in serious need of some vitamin D. And to help you all survive these notoriously unwelcome, remaining weeks of winter, I’m sharing another one of… Continue Reading…

A Letter To My Daughter as She Turns One

To My Daughter as She Turns One

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Hello! If you stumbled upon my page from Facebook or another website, welcome! You can get to know more about me and what you’ll find on The Resplendent, here. And, if you like this post, feel free to check out more of  my stuff on motherhood, like the moment I realized I loved being pregnant, or have a good laugh at my expense with this Introvert’s Guide to Breastfeeding. And if handmade finds are your favorite, check out my Shop Showcase series, featuring a new handmade shop each… Continue Reading…

SHOP SHOWCASE: Wool and Whiskey

Wool and Whiskey

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In the thick of a Minnesota winter, nothing speaks to me quite like a cozy oversized scarf paired with a mug of something warm and chocolatey. I live for the days when I get to spend time with friends or family, nestled in the corner of a coffee shop, spending hours catching up on life. That is why I am so excited to kick off this Shop Showcase series with a fellow Minnesotan and her shop Wool and Whiskey!  Minneapolis based owner and… Continue Reading…