Pink, Gold, & My Superficial Heart

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I have a confession. When I was pregnant with Baby T, I had very superficial perspectives about what it would be like to be a parent and what I thought would define my success as a mother. For example, I thought that dressing my baby in super trendy new clothes, having my house perfectly decorated and clean every day when hubby got home from work, and being that mom who never left the house without her hair done would bring… Continue Reading…

Baby Burp Rag GIVEAWAY!

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Did you catch my post earlier this week about all the new baby goodies? Well, great news. We are giving some of these goodies away! If you have a baby, a baby-on-the-way, or even a friend who falls into one of these categories, then you better check out below on how to enter the giveaway and win one of these two sets of handmade burp cloths!

Oh, Spit! – NEW Baby Blankets & Burp Cloths

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Everyone says that once you have a child, you finally understand what it is like to put someone else before yourself. This definitely seems to ring true for my hubs and I now that we have our little peanut. This past weekend we noticed that whenever we make a Target run, we end up leaving the store with a minimum of 5 new items for baby and nothing for ourselves (which definitely was not the case in the past). So,… Continue Reading…

It Socks to Be Lonely – FREE Laundry Room Art

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Miracle of miracles, I finally finished a project since having a baby. I have been dying to complete a few for a while now, but for some reason I just haven’t had it in me to sacrifice eating a meal or taking a shower in order to do some crafting during my 30 whole minutes of free time during the day. Weird, right?

A New Chapter

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Today was a bittersweet day. Today marked the official ending of one chapter in my life and the beginning of a new one. And, as always, change is never easy for me. While I am excited to officially join the brave and tireless league of SAHM’s, I feel the need to reflect on the chapter of my life as a full-time “career woman” that is coming to an end (for now).

I Dream of Sleep

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I’ve been a mom for a month now, and many have been asking what I have been doing while staying home with Miss Theodora all day. Well I’ll tell you what I haven’t been doing. First of all, projects. When picturing my maternity leave, I always envisioned myself completing endless projects, both for our home and for The Resplendent. I haven’t done either. And in addition to projects, I also pictured myself following my every daily whim – taking trips… Continue Reading…