Sew Many Reasons to Love

Inspired by my recent birthday, which my hubby and I celebrated for the first time as a married couple, I decided it was time for a rant about my husband (he deserves one by now). And by rant, I mean a good rant, emphasizing a few of the reasons why I love him sew much.

(Just be glad I don’t use “sew” in place of the word “so” all the time. Trust me, I am tempted.)

5 Reasons Why I love the Hubs:

1. He got me this brand new sewing/embroidery machine for my birthday!! What!? Why?! (Oh wait, I know why…1. He knows me so well. 2. I am the oldest 24-year-old I know.)

2. He buys me many wonderful surprises (besides sewing machines) like girl scout cookies, salt & vinegar chips, and pizza. (I am also apparently the most unhealthy, oldest 24-year-old I know. I could pretend like that upsets me. But truth is, it doesn’t…yet)

3. He Prays for me. He prays for me every night before bed. He prays for me everyday before I leave for work. AND, he prays for me any time I am feeling down, anxious, stressed….you get the point.

4. He makes the best homemade spaghetti sauce. Probably a recipe I should share. But I better get the okay to give away the secret family recipe first. Otherwise, he might just stop doing #3. (Probs not though, he loves me too much). Plus, he is pretty much awesome at making all Italian food (like the homemade ravioli below! Sure do love my Italian man…)

5. He dances. My hubby dances when he gets off the couch to go throw something away. He enters any room, dancing. When he wakes up, he greets you with his arms raised in the air, dancing. And by dancing, I mean, the goofiest, most awkward, jerky movements ever to be called dancing. And, yet another thing worth posting. Just need to secretly sneak a good video to fully capture this habit. Trust me, it’s worth seeing.

Welp, time to go start figuring out how to use this new machine of mine. And feel free to let me know if you’d like me to go ahead and embroider your initials on all of your clothing.. because I can ya know? Totally normal.

The oldest 24-yr-old you know,

The Mrs.

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