Living Room Dilemma

Ok, so I went a little crazy at Home Goods and need some help deciding what to keep for the new apartment. I am trying to decide which “accent table” to keep for the living room. I can’t decide if I should keep the little pink upholstered ottoman to the right of the couch in the first picture, or the chest to the left of the couch in the 2nd picture. Which one do you like better? Or, should I just return both? (Let’s be honest, I probably shouldn’t have bought either. But, Andrew bought a new TV, so I am using that to justify my little shopping spree). I am leaning towards the chest, because the ottoman seems a little more “pink” and girly to me. However, I also want to make sure I make this place nice and “boy friendly” for the hubby-to-be when he moves in a couple months from now. Maybe this is all way too girly?


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5 Responses to Living Room Dilemma

  1. Alexa says:

    I vote the chest. $100 says that if you keep the pink one some one will come over and kick their feet up and then you have to pay to deal with cleaning fabric. Chest you can use cleaners and wipe it down. and if it gets dinged or watermarked or whatever you don’t have to worry about it…call it “rustic” and it looks like style element :)

  2. Kristina Baker says:

    I like the pink thing….if you have stuff sitting on it hopefully people won’t put their feet up?? i like it it’s cuuuuute :)

  3. Natalie Green says:

    Both are very cute…..but I vote for the chest. I think the small pink ottoman may look out of place once you get your gigantic ottoman/chair combo.

  4. Emily Green says:

    I like the chest-it looks great there, and it looks like someday it can be used as a cute toy box!

  5. Brady says:

    Yeah I like the chest. The pink ottoman is way to girly for a place that will be shared by a girl and a guy. It looks like something you’d see at your grandparents house. The chest is definitely more boy friendly and gives the room a more homey feeling. Plus, its more versatile. You can put things on it, in it, or put your feet on it. And like Alexa said, it will be easier to clean.

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