A Big Life Change and a Big Ol’ Clutch

Gray & White Clutch
After looking at what felt like 5.97584973495804882987 million houses, townhouses, barns, shacks, vans down by the river… we finally bought our first home! My hubby and I are so excited to finally move out of our cluttered one bedroom apartment and into our new townhouse, which is conveniently located about 3 minutes from my parents house. Now, some people might ask, “Wait, you want to live that close to your parents?” Yes. Yes we do. My hubby and I are both really close with our families and we love having them nearby. I love my parents and am so excited to have their help through the move and so conveniently close that they can help out with anything and everything we still run to our parents for on a regular basis. Plus, now whenever I don’t want to cook dinner, we can just conveniently stop by my parent’s house “to say hi” (yeah, yeah…the truth comes out).

This home is such a blessing and yet another reminder of how undeserved we are of all of the amazing gifts the Lord has given us.

And, the other great part is that this was the very first place we walked into and both instantly felt at home. It has so many great features we had given up hope for. For example, we had already come to accept the fact that our first home would more than likely smell eternally like cats, have enough storage space for a smurf, have a creepy old basement (with a ceiling high enough for said smurf), and a smaller than desirable kitchen that needed lots of updates that we probably couldn’t actually afford to make. So, the best part of all is that our new home has NONE of those things. It’s our perfect first home. Not to mention, it is perfect for Andrew’s long wished-for new family member, a dog (not to mention, the world’s greatest dog trainer, my dad, will live right down the road).

So, enough about our Big Life Change. Now, onto this Big Ol’ Clutch. This guy has been my best seller on Etsy, so with my 42 minutes of spare time last week, I made another one. Unfortunately, this one isn’t for sale because it is a belated Birthday present for one of my greatest, kindest, and oldest friends, Mollie. But, I am going to try and make some more before the holidays, so keep your eyes out (or just email me…that will probably be faster).
Gray & White Clutch
Gray & White Clutch
Gray & White Clutch

Now off to think about all of the new fun projects I will have to do for our new house. Prepare yourselves.

Love, peace, and chicken grease,

The Mrs.

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