Floral and Lace

Welp, thanks to the 11 inches of snow we had in Minnesota this past weekend, my project weekend was a success!

My first project was this scarf. I named her “Floral and Lace.” I just love how the lace makes it look vintage-y, and I have a few more scarves on the docket (pending my local fabric store fabric choices)! However, this baby helped me nail down the pattern for these scarves, so the next ones should basically sew themselves (basically.) It is made of a soft stretchy knit floral fabric with 2-inch ivory lace trim. This is the only finished piece as of now and is $35.99.

Next up will be a lace circle scarf and a third with pom pom trim in place of the lace (gunna be supes cute)! Also taking order requests, so just let me know if you have specific colors in mind, or are interested in “Floral and Lace.”

I’ll post project numero dos from my snowy weekend later on this week. Some peeps have already seen a sneak peak thanks to Instagram. Can’t wait to share!

Stay warm midwesterners!

The Mrs.

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2 Responses to Floral and Lace

  1. Jackie K. says:

    HAVE to have one. It’s so pretty! But can I put in an order for a navy blue one with the same ivory lace?

  2. Marielle says:

    Of course! Shoot me an email (Marielle@TheResplendent.com) and we’ll chat!

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