Hello Yellow!

Thanks to my recent trip to Iowa, The Pretty Little Coin Purse is back!

This past weekend, I went to visit one of my favorite stores of all time, Hobby Lobby. And yes, I am fully aware that my cool factor just dropped many, many points. However, ever since going to school in Iowa and discovering this place, I have just been waiting for the day that they open one in MN, closer to the cities. Because, apparently, Iowa is way trendier than MN when it comes to fabric.

Besides buying chevron fabric in almost every color possible, I also bought some of the other cute fabrics used in the new pretty little coin purses below that you can buy HERE! So, before I take about a 2 week break from posting due to my job (and by job, I mean my real job) getting CRAY CRAY for a little while, enjoy these cute new purses:

Welp, see ya in a couple of weeks. And pray for my sanity as I work myself silly for a couple of weeks (thanks a lot big girl job).

Hasta la pasta,

The workaholic Mrs.

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