DIY Mug Decorating: I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You for Always

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As usual, I wanted to make something crafty for my mama for Mother’s day. I have seen this whole “design your own mug with a permanent marker” thing on Pinterest a bazillion times, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Well, I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news is, the jig is up, because, it didn’t work people! The design I made with a regular old permanent marker turned out to be not-so-permanent.

Not only did I bake the mug after decorating it with the sharpie for 30 minutes at 350 degrees like I was supposed to, but I did it THREE TIMES! And still, the marker just wiped off when it got wet. Womp wommmmp.

But now, for the good news. I found a simple solution, and the idea behind the sharpie mug lives on!

All I did was…
1. Buy a plain white mug from Target (here are 3 great options under $5: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) and some of this enamel paint from the model airplane section at Hobby Lobby. It only cost me like a buck! Or you can buy some oil-based paint pens, like these ones.
2. Wrote my design on the mug with pencil first (it rubs right off), and then traced over it with the paint using a very fine brush, which I also bought in the model airplane section of Hobby Lobby.
3. Let it dry.

And now my design is permanent. And my mama can savor her cup o’ joe while simultaneously sobbing into the mug for years to come (because what mom doesn’t cry over the book my mug was inspired by?).
DIY Mug Permanent Marker
DIY Mug Permanent Marker
DIY Mug Permanent Marker
Happy crafting!
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28 Responses to DIY Mug Decorating: I’ll Love You Forever, I’ll Like You for Always

  1. Megan says:

    That is so sweet. I just love it. Your mom is blessed to have a daughter like you.

  2. Alexandra says:

    I love this! I’m making it for my mom for Mother’s Day. Since I was little this has been our saying and we write it in every card we give each other! No idea why I didn’t think of this prior to seeing this post…

  3. Molly says:

    Love it! So you didn’t bake it when you used the enamel paint?

  4. raychel says:

    did you have to put the mug in the oven for 350 degrees or just let it dry on its own?!

  5. Bailey says:

    I absolutely love this idea! This is mine and my mom’s favorite quote! I would love to do this for her for mother’s day but I was wondering if you thought it would be okay to do on a wine glass? Would the results be the same?

    Thank you!

    • Marielle says:

      That’s a great idea Bailey! I think as long as you use the enamel paint which just needs to air dry, then it should work great!

  6. sonia says:

    Great Idea! Can you put it in the dishwasher later or does it need to be hand washed so the paint does not faint?

    • Marielle says:

      We have put it in the dishwasher a few times, and it seems to be ok. But, it will definitely last longer if you hand wash!

  7. sonia says:

    How long do you have to let it dry?

    • Marielle says:

      It will probably be dry within a few hours, depending on how thick you apply the paint. But to be safe, I would recommend letting it dry for 24 hours!

  8. Brittany says:

    If you want to do it with Sharpie’s you have to go to a Hobby store and find the oil based kind that can be used to write on ceramics.

  9. Kassidee says:

    What did you use for the color on the inside? I have heard/read water and nail polish. But it seems questionable.

  10. Cherette Peszko says:

    You’re supposed to use the sharpie paint pen not regular sharpie I use them all the time and stays on perfectly without even baking it

  11. Carol says:

    Will acrylic paint work?

  12. Stephanie says:

    I got my mug at the dollar store and it’s ceramic. The flat enamel paint didn’t work. Any ideas what I can do?

  13. CJM says:

    That quote is from a book called “Love You Forever” by Robert Munshch. Great for mom’s with boys!

  14. Wendy says:

    Do you know if the mug can be microwaved? My mom always heats up her coffee in the microwave once it’s cooled. :)

  15. Sydney says:

    I made a mug using the same technique you did above and I let it dry for 24 hours but when I wash it the paint starts to chip off. ????
    I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to fix this.
    Thank you so much.

  16. ashlie says:

    My moms mugs are wiping off as well! :( any suggestions?

    • Marielle says:

      Oh no! And you used the enamel paint? Does the mug you used have a shiny/slippery finish of some sort? It all comes down to the surfaces you’re combining, and apparently it sounds like not all work with this kind of paint. I would suggest trying one of the oil-based sharpies meant for writing on ceramics that was mentioned above!

  17. layvon says:

    Love the mug, so touching and personal! I want to make one as well, But when you say you used a permanent marker, was it the sharpie oil based pen? Or was it the regular sharpie permanent marker?

  18. layvon says:

    Sorry! Never mind, I just read the aforementioned. Lol Thanks

  19. Christine says:

    Is the paint non toxic that you used?

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