My Anthropologie Knock-Off Sweater

Since I had my wedding in the fall in Minnesota, I wanted to have some type of sweater to stay warm in case the weather didn’t turn out. And, of course I fell completely in love with this Anthropologie sweater that I’d seen on the blog Green Wedding Shoes:

But, after looking for weeks, not only did I establish that Anthropologie no longer had the sweater, but I couldn’t even find it on ebay, or anywhere else for that matter! Despite being devastated, I came up with plan B: Make the sweater myself.

So, First, I found a ballet-style wrap sweater at Old Navy in almost the exact same color that was on sale for $4.00!

Then, I just bought two packs of these flower pins from H&M for $4.00 each:

Lastly, the best part is, Old Navy also had the same sweater in navy blue for $4.00 a piece that I bought for all of my bridesmaids! So, here is the final result, my $12.00 Anthro Knock-off!

I personally think it turned out pretty darn well! Not to mention, it saved me from having to sell my left kidney to afford the real thing!

As usual, easy peasey lemon squeezy,

The Mrs.

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